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Hair Treatment

Hair serves multiple purposes in our lives. It not only enhances our appearance but also provides warmth and protection to our scalp. However, factors such as time, hormonal changes, and health issues can lead to a loss of hair thickness. If you're experiencing any hair-related concerns, consult with Dr. Kaushal Priya Anand, an expert in the field, who can provide the appropriate guidance and treatment options.

Hair Treatment FAQ's

Its a surgical treatment that involves removing hair from a part of the body that is resistant to balding and transplanting it to a spot that is in need of hair due to accident, surgery, balding etc.

Not at all. There are of course other reasons than balding for getting a transplant. Such as the restoration of eyebrows, chest hair, pubic hair, facial hair like beard, moustache, side burns or goatee or to fill in scars left by accidents or surgery.

Like any surgery, anaesthetic will be involved along with a cleansing of the area (shampoo), and antibiotics. No smoking or drinking before the procedure or your results may not be satisfactory.

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Hair Treatment Procedures


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment is a procedure where platelets from the individual's own blood are extracted and injected into the scalp. This therapy stimulates natural hair growth and helps prevent further hair loss. Here are the benefits:



Hair transplant is a highly sought-after hair restoration procedure in which a cosmetic surgeon transfers hair from the side or back of the head to the crown area. Following the completion of this medical procedure, patients can expect to see natural hair growth. Here are the benefits:

Hair Transplant


Eyebrow transplantation is a beneficial cosmetic treatment for individuals with sparse or narrow eyebrows. During this procedure, hair follicles are harvested and transplanted to the eyebrow area, resulting in fuller and more prominent eyebrows. This aesthetic process enhances your overall look. Here are the benefits:

Eyebrow Transplant


Beard and mustache transplantation is a cosmetic procedure designed to address asymmetry in facial hair, which can significantly impact a man's self-confidence. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the targeted areas, resulting in satisfying results and an improved overall look, ultimately boosting inner confidence. Here are the benefits:

Beard & Moustache Transplant


Scalp micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that offers a semi-permanent makeup look, providing a safe and satisfying result. Here are the benefits:

Scalp & Eyebrow Micropigmentation
Dr. Kaushal Priya Anand

Dr. Kaushal Priya Anand

M.B.B.S, M.S (General Surgery), M.Ch Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (NRSMC&H, Kolkata)

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